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Real-Time Client Collaboration Made Easy!

For more than 10 years, AgCompass has provided virtual desktops for remote software hosting to accounting and consulting firms that support agricultural clients. By simply connecting desktops, software is easily shared between the firm and the farm, seamlessly integrating record keeping for tax season and business planning. The only requirement for the customer is an internet-connected device and a secure connection to the AgCompass cloud server.

Installation is easy with no learning curve. There is no additional hardware to purchase or learn either. AgCompass’ virtual desktop is secure and fully supported by experienced IT professionals who handle data backup and software updates.

CPA Firms who use AgCompass can:great value_fair price_retro graphic button

  • Save travel expenses
  • Collaborate more efficiently with clients
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Improve data security and software updates
  • Increase reliability and control of client data
  • Focus on providing services of greater value

Maintain Robust Financial Statements in Real Time with AgCompass

“Especially around tax time, but also year round, the ease of support and more efficient process brings true value to our businesses. The Latta Haris and AgCompass relationship has been good for our clients.” – John McNutt, Latta Harris, Customer Since 2006

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