Monthly 2016 Ag Economy Barometer

Collette Schultz

End Of Summer Barometer Results

The higher the index number the stronger the economic outlook of U.S. agricultural producers. The index is based on survey results from 400 ag producers. Producers view of the weather, commodity prices, and financial conditions can affect the index. As promised we’ll bring you the ag economy barometer each month.  Quarterly, 100 ag business leaders will also be surveyed.

Some of the past survey questions included these topics:

  • Producers thoughts on large farm investments such as buildings and farm machinery.
  • How producers thought their farm would be doing financially a year from now.
  • If they thought their farm was doing better or worse financially from one year ago.
  • Whether the U.S. agriculture will have wide-spread good times or bad times in the next five years.
  • What their expectations are of commodity prices in general as well as prices on specific crops.

Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture and CME Group have teamed up to provide the barometer.  The Center for Commercial Agriculture, provides professional development and educational programs for farmers. And, CME Group provides financial tools to help producers manage risk.

Learn more about Purdue University’s and CME Group’s Ag Economy Barometer. And, stay tuned to our blog for monthly updates.

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