Success on the Farm Starts in the Cloud!

AgCompass has been a trusted technology partner to farms of all sizes for nearly 15 years. Sharing a background in agriculture and with Midwestern values, our experienced IT Staff provides one-on-one technology support.

We help you keep up with technology by backing up your software on a daily basis and by installing software updates for you. The only requirements for the customer are an internet connected device and a secure connection to the AgCompass cloud server. Installation is easy and there’s nothing new to learn. You continue to use the same software you use now.

Hosting your software in the cloud with AgCompass provides additional security, preventing the loss of data from computer crashes, human error, theft, fire or other natural disaster.

  • Farms and businesses that use AgCompass can:button graphic_retro tractor icon-01
  • Access U.S.-based IT support
  • Increase confidence and peace of mind
  • Improve data security and software updates
  • Gain time and management flexibility
  • Collaborate efficiently with farm partners

AgCompass Helps You Work from Multiple Locations

Don’t be tied to the farm. You CAN go on vacation!

Agribusiness: Cowser Field & Feedlot
Software Used: FBS Systems & Redwing
Client Since: 2008

A long-term customer of AgCompass, Cheryl Walsh manages the finances and payroll of Cowser Field and Feedlot from several different locations throughout Illinois. She even remained an active farm partner while living in Minnesota for three years. She’s stayed with AgCompass to host the farm’s system and accounting software since moving back to Peoria, IL in 2011.

“I enjoy the flexibility,” says Cheryl. “Working from my desktop at three different locations is very easy. I am in the system every day.”

When a family job transfer made it necessary for her to move to Minnesota, she was still able to help manage the fourth generation farm in Bradford, IL. Cheryl manages the farm finances along with the farm’s six partners. With 4,000 acres of corn and soybeans, 2,200 sows, and 30 cows as well as tracking sales of weaned pigs from the operation, there is a lot to manage.

“With AgCompass, our virtual desktop provides access to our books all the time,” said Cheryl. “The only problem we’ve had is with our Internet Connection, not AgCompass. As long as we have an Internet Connection it works great and Internet service has become better over the years.”

Cheryl takes comfort in knowing that her information is secure in case of a fire or other disasters. Also, she doesn’t have to install updates or conduct backups. AgCompass works directly with software companies such as FBS Systems and Redwing for updates and they back up data daily.

“I don’t have to worry about going on vacation. It is worth a lot knowing I can keep tabs on the company away from home,” said Cheryl. “AgCompass is a great company to work with. They’ve been right there when I’ve needed them. I’d recommend them.”

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