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Expand Your Software’s Capabilities with No Extra Cost!

Give Your Users Flexible Access by Hosting Your Software Securely in the CloudHosting for Software Companies

There are many advantages to becoming an AgCompass Software Partner. We help your users improve their productivity, mobility, file access, data collaboration, and security. Basically, if they have to share data, but require secure access to your windows-based software and value data independence, AgCompass likely has the functionality they seek.

While we specialize in hosting managerial accounting software such as FBS Systems, Red Wing and Quickbooks, we also host mill software from Vertical, trucking software such as ProMiles, and more. Now we would like to partner with you, to expand your capabilities, and allow your users efficient access to your software.

“We’ve partnered with AgCompass for 15 years,” says Norman Brown, President of FBS Systems. “It makes new user setup much quicker and easier and it facilitates technical support as well as “virtual controller” services for clients who need accounting assistance. It’s the ideal platform for family members and employees working remotely. Even companies with their own IT staff often choose AgCompass as a simpler and more economical alternative to maintaining their own network.”

There is no cost to you, the software provider. For your users it is less than the cost of most cell phone to host your software and their data with us. We manage all the backups and updates for them, virtually extending your user support with our IT professionals.

Here is our complete list of benefits and features:

  • Cloud Platform – If offering a cloud solution is not within your current capabilities, we offer all the flexibility software in the cloud provides at a fraction of the cost of developing your own hosted solution.
  • Data Backups on Our Cloud Server – We back up your users’ data daily at a word-class data center in Iowa to ensure their data is safe from any local catastrophe, computer crash, or human error.
  • Easy-to-Use, Reliable, Security – We use the same encryption technology used by banks. We manage your software installation and updates to keep your users current with the latest technology.
  • U.S. Based, One-on-One Support – Extend your user support with our technology professionals who are in the Midwest and have close ties to Agriculture. We help support your users by setting them up on our virtual desktop and field questions regarding access and updates.
  • Compatible – Whether users access your software with a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, they can keep their current device or upgrade to a new device at any time with ease.
  • Cost-effective – We are affordable (per user, we are often cheaper than most cellphone plans) and save money otherwise spent on travel, hardware updates, backup systems, etc.

If your company would like to partner with us, please contact us for more information.

Some of Our Current Partners

  • FBS Systems
  • Red Wing
  • Quickbooks
  • Promiles
  • Vertical
  • New! Fleet Maintenance Pro