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Collette Schultz

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Learn everything you need to know to work efficiently and improve your day-to-day skills in your accounting and payroll software. You will find ways to save time and obtain the information you need to make better management decisions.  If you are in the market for new accounting software, you have surely considered at some point that there will be a learning commitment involved for all of the employees who will use the system or generate reports from it. Moving to any new system can be challenging, so be sure to minimize frustrations by having a training plan in place before purchasing the software. Here are the most popular training options offered by software vendors.

Education is powerful, and can be extremely valuable for small business owners. Wherever you seek more knowledge, whether in an advanced degree program, professional training, or continuing education course; attending conferences; or joining professional organizations, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a favor. If you don’t stay up on industry trends or continue honing your business skills, you could quickly fall far behind the competition.

Moreover, don’t neglect professional training for your employees! Professional certifications, webinars, software classes or on-the job training initiatives will help them keep up with industry news and developments, which can pay off in numerous ways. Studies show that better-educated workers do a better job and tend to be more loyal. They will also be empowered to help drive business by utilizing their up-to-date skills, and by confidently promoting your business wherever they go.

Attending training is a crucial investment for those using the accounting system. It can simplify and improve processes for years to come.

Whether you are a brand new Red Wing Software customer or you are migrating from other Red Wing Software products, you will learn how to set up CenterPoint to maximize the value of the cash and accrual information you retrieve. Discover practical techniques and identify commonly used timesaving shortcuts to help you set up and maintain your company, accounts, names, and other set up items. You will learn how to customize CenterPoint to fit your operations individual needs through preferences and other customization features.

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