A flexible, secure IT solution for your business

Collette Schultz

An introduction to terminal servers

For modern agricultural businesses, the equipment in your office is just as important as the equipment in your barn or machine shed. We know that you need an IT solution that’s flexible, simple and reliable. That’s why we’re proud to have been helping agricultural businesses implement terminal server solutions for over 15 years. With terminal server IT setups, your information is safe, secure, and easy to access – all without changing the programs you’re used to using.

 Sounds good… but what is it?

AgCompass does the hard work of keeping your information secure and accessible without requiring you to get a new computer, install new products, or maintain an expensive on-site server. With terminal servers, you virtually link your existing computer (even if it’s a Mac!) to our data center, located in the United States, through a secure remote desktop connection.

Then, you use your computer like you normally would. You run the full licensed versions of the software you already have, like FBS Systems or Quickbooks Accountant. You can scan documents and print like normal. Every transfer of information is encrypted and secure, and your data is automatically backed up every night.

This sounds like those cloud products I hear about. How is this different?

You might have used cloud-based products like Quickbooks Online via your internet browser on your computer. With cloud products, you log in to your account and access your information online. But these cloud applications are typically stripped-down versions of what a complex business needs.

Another challenge with cloud products is sharing your information with others. We find that businesses relying on cloud products often have to pass log in information between staff, accountants, and others. This puts your private data at risk.

How would my business benefit from a terminal server? 

Two of the best benefits of terminal servers for busy farmers are ease of setup and low cost. There’s no learning curve for new software, account, or link you need to remember. After the initial setup, it’s easy to use in a familiar Windows desktop environment. It’s very similar to running your software on your local computer or server.

Terminal server solutions are also low cost: you don’t have to purchase or maintain any expensive servers. We provide the computing power and data storage, and even update your software for you.

Because your software and data are no longer stored on one computer, you can securely access your virtual desktop from anywhere you have an internet connection. Need to access a report from the barn? No problem. Traveling across the country for a conference or vacation? You can still log in. You can also allow consultants or accountants secure access, which is great for tax season preparation.

Security you can rely on is another great benefit to terminal server solutions. We keep your information safe from being lost or compromised. Your data and documents aren’t just on one computer, vulnerable to on-site accidents or hardware failure. If your computer stops working, your data is still safe with us. And if you need help getting a new computer connected, you simply give us a call. Our tech support is free and 100% US based.

This month is our 15th anniversary of partnering with farmers like you to provide a better way to run your software and to keep your information secure so you can focus on running your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about AgCompass and how it could be a great fit for your business.